Release History

Version Date Description
2.3 2022-10-05 This is a maintenance release. The main changes are HessenbergTransformer and SchurTransformer are now public.
2.2 2022-08-10 This is a maintenance release. The main change is: addition of Taylor map inversion.
2.1 2022-04-24 Thist is a maintenance release. The main changes are addition of inverse Jacobi elliptic functions, optional modified weights to Akima interpolation, modified Gram-Schmidt basis orthonormalization process, generation of convergents streams in continued fractions. Various bugs were fixed.
2.0 2021-08-07 This is a major release. The main changes are replacement of RealFieldElement by CalculusFieldElement interface, many improvements in Complex to fully implement CalculusFieldElement with correct branch cuts so complex numbers can be used in many Hipparchus algorithms, addition of FieldComplex, addition of complex and field complex univariate integrals, addition of field univariate integrators, and faster simultaneous computation of sinhcos. Experimental implementation of elliptic functions and integrals for real, complex and general fields have been added. Beware the elliptic integrals for complex and field complex numbers in the incomplete case are considered experimental for now, they have known issues. Methods deprecated during the 1.X series have been removed. Numerous bugs were also fixed.
1.8 2020-12-05 This is a maintenance release. It fixes a few bugs, mainly a serious one for complex eigendecomposition when several eigenvalues are equal. It also add sum and angle differences in SinCos and FieldSinCos.
1.7 2020-06-23 This is a maintenance release. It fixes several bugs, including a nasty one in ODE events handling, improves a lot the Complex class so it implements the new CalculusFieldElement interface, and adds several new differentiation classes to handle simpler cases (univariate derivatives at orders 1 and 2 and gradients) with less overhead than the existing DerivativeStructure.
1.6 2019-11-01 This is a maintenance release. It includes only bug fixes.
1.5 2019-05-06 This is a maintenance release. The main changes since last version are the introduction of field versions of bilinear interpolation, univariate interpolators, polynomials and polynomial spline functions.
1.4 2018-11-17 This is a maintenance release. The main changes since last version are the introduction of bilinear interpolation for 2D grids, field versions of sinCos and a way to build three-dimensional field arrays.
1.3 2018-05-08 This is a maintenance release. The main changes since last version are the introduction of complex eigen decomposition, and introduction of a solver for continuous time algebraic Riccati equation.
1.2 2017-10-25 This is a maintenance release.
1.1 2017-03-16 This is a maintenance release.
1.0 2016-06-23 This is the first release of the library

Release 2.3 – 2022-10-05

Type Changes By
Changed HessenbergTransformer visibility to public. Fixes issues/204. luc
Changed SchurTransformer visibility to public. Fixes issues/204. luc

Release 2.2 – 2022-08-10

Type Changes By
Added {Field}TaylorMap, supporting evaluation, composition and inversion. Fixes issues/190. luc
Added FieldMatrixDecomposer. Fixes issues/200. luc
Added rebase to {Field}DerivativeStructure, which enables changing the base variables a {Field}DerivativeStructure depends on. Fixes issues/191. luc
Added CombinatoricsUtils.permutations. Fixes issues/198. luc
Added computation of Bell numbers. luc
Added RosenNumberPartitionIterator. Fixes issues/197. Thanks to Axel Kramer. luc
Added CombinatoricsUtils.partitions. Fixes issues/197. luc
Added FieldMultivariateFunction, CalculusFieldMultivariateFunction, FieldMultivariateVectorFunction, CalculusFieldMultivariateVectorFunction, FieldMultivariateMatrixFunction and CalculusFieldMultivariateMatrixFunction. Fixes issues/195. luc
Added integration/differentiation of {Field}DerivativeStructure. Fixes issues/192. Thanks to Romain Serra. luc

Release 2.1 – 2022-04-24

Type Changes By
Fixed some wrong branch cuts in inverse Jacobi elliptic functions in the complex case. Fixes issues/189. luc
Added optional modified weights to avoid overshoots in Akima interpolation near constant slopes sub-samples. Fixes issues/172. luc
Avoid building an intermediate complex for computing double norm. Fixes issues/186. luc
Fixed overflows for incrementors that are allowed to reach Integer.MAX_VALUE. Fixes issues/175. luc
Added inverse Jacobi elliptic functions, for both double and field values. Fixes issues/188. luc
Avoid too many calls to function in BracketingNthOrderBrentSolver when using AllowedSolution.ANY_SIDE. Fixes issues/183. luc
Added Modified Gram-Schmidt basis orthonormalization process in MatrixUtils for double-based and CalculusFieldElement-based list of vectors. Fixes issues/178. luc
Fixed issue in Laguerre solver related to different representations of signed zeros. Fixes issues/177. luc
Allow generation of continued fractions convergents as streams of BigFraction/Fraction to allow user to apply their own convergence criterion to select one convergent. Fixes issues/176. luc
Fixed inconsistency of eigenvalues and eigenvectors between OrderedComplexEigenDecomposition and base class ComplexEigenDecomposition. Fixes issues/173. luc

Release 2.0 – 2021-08-07

Type Changes By
Added field versions of univariate integrators. Fixes issues/153. luc
Added numerical evaluation of complex elliptic integrals. luc
Added complex and field complex univariate integrals (including contour integrals). Fixes issues/149. luc
Added ArrayFieldVector.toString(). Fixes issues/143. luc
Fixed array index error in field LU decomposition. Fixes issues/144. Thanks to Axel Kramer. luc
Added getRowDimension and getColumnDimension to DecompositionSolver and FieldDecompositionSolver. Fixes issues/135. luc
Fixed ulp() implementation for Dfp. Fixes issues/142. luc
Added a way to have a more accurate value of π for fields implementations that require it. Fixes issues/141. luc
Clarified arguments in the one-argument version of the two-arguments atan2 function in CalculusFieldElement. Fixes issues/140. luc
Renamed signum into sign in field classes, and improved implementation for complex numbers. Fixes issues/138. luc
Fixed consistent implementations between {Field}LUDecomposition classes. Fixes issues/131. bryan
Added Carlson elliptic integrals (R_F, R_J, R_G, R_D, and R_C) both for real, CalculusFieldElement, Complex, and FieldComplex. luc
Fixed branch cut on imaginary axis for complex atan. Fixes issues/129. luc
Changed return types for field elements methods (including Complex): norm() → double, abs() → field element. Fixes issues/124. luc
Added the four Jacobi theta functions θ₁(z|τ), θ₂(z|τ), θ₃(z|τ), and θ₄(z|τ), both for complex and field complex. luc
Added field-based complex numbers. Fixes issues/126. luc
Added Legendre elliptic integrals (K, K', E, D, F, Π), both complete and incomplete, both for real, CalculusFieldElement, Complex, and FieldComplex. luc
Added the twelve Jacobi elliptic functions sn, cn, dn, cs, ds, ns, dc, nc, sc, nd, sd, and cd, both for primitive double and fields. Fixes issues/119. luc
Added field implementations of ulp function. Fixes issues/123. luc
Added a way to compute both sinh and cosh at once faster than performing two calls. This also speeds up all derivatives implementations as well as complex computations. Fixes issues/122. luc
Removed methods and constants deprecated during the 1.x series. Fixes issues/121. luc
Replaced RealFieldElement by CalculusFieldElement interface and have Complex implement it so it can be used in many Hipparchus algorithms (like ODE). Also replaced RealField{Univariate|Bivariate|Vector|Matrix}Function by CalculusField{Univariate|Bivariate|Vector|Matrix}Function. Fixes issues/67. luc
Added isInteger predicate for Fraction and BigFraction. Fixes issues/115. luc
Added the Ryū algorithm to generate very fast the shortest decimal representation of a floating point number that maintains round-trip safety. luc
Added Møller's 2Sum algorithm to MathUtils. Fixes issues/116. andrewsgoetz
Allow selecting customized threshold for tests in OrderedComplexEigenDecomposition. Fixes issues/111. luc
Added zero checker predicate for some linear algebra algorithms. Fixes issues/110. luc
Fixed exception in OrderedComplexEigenDecomposition when eigenvalues are equal. Fixes issues/109. luc

Release 1.8 – 2020-12-05

Type Changes By
Added sum and difference of angles in SinCos and FieldSinCos. Fixes issues/106. luc
Removed spurious reduction of BigFraction in equality test. Fixes issues/105. luc
Fixed LU-decomposition issue with signed zero complex numbers on diagonal. Fixes issues/104. luc
Fixed complex eigendecomposition when several eigenvalues are equals. Fixes issues/99. luc

Release 1.7 – 2020-06-23

Type Changes By
Added ExtendedUnivariateDifferentiableVectorFunction interface for differentiable vectorial function. Fixes issues/97. bryan
Added intermediate interface {Field}Derivative. The interface is implemented by both {Field}DerivativeStructure, {Field}Gradient, {Field}UnivariateDerivative1and {Field}UnivariateDerivative2 luc
Added new mathematical methods for FieldGradient, FieldUnivariateDerivative1 and FieldUnivariateDerivative2. Fixes issues/95. bryan
Added isMathematicalInteger to Complex. Fixes issues/92. luc
Added isMathematicalInteger to Precision for double and float numbers. luc
Added UnivariateDerivative1, UnivariateDerivative2 and Gradient for computing derivatives in simple cases with less overhead than DerivativeStructure. Fixes issues/93. luc
Added map and mapToSelf to RealMatrix. Fixes issues/81. luc
Don't ignore exceptions, use try with resources. Fixes issues/71. luc
Fixed accuracy of linear combination for Dfp. Fixes issues/91. luc
Added Dfp conversion to either larger or smaller number of digits. luc
Fixed handling of special cases in Dfp.atan2(y, x). Fixes issues/88. luc
Prevent overflow of Dfp.hypot. Fixes issues/87. luc
Fixed Dfp.floor and Dfp.ceil for numbers close to zero. Fixes issues/86. luc
Fixed Decimal64.rootN for negative arguments and even roots. Fixes issues/82. luc
Provide both L_1 and L_infinity norms for matrices. Fixes issues/77. luc
Fixed MathArrays.linearCombination when signed zeros are involved. Fixes issues/76. luc
Fixed Complex.pow(Complex p) and Complex.pow(double p) for special cases (real arguments, integer power, 0). Fixes issues/74. luc
Added Complex.pow(int n) with integer power computed more accurately by successive squarings rather than complex logarithm and exponential. luc
Added signum to Fraction and BigFraction. Fixes issues/63. luc
Prevent random failure of micro-sphere test case. luc

Release 1.6 – 2019-11-01

Type Changes By
Prevent stack overflow error when attempting integration with too large number of points. Fixes issues/61. luc
Show full precision in exception message when root bracketing fails. Fixes issues/56. ward
When exception message formatting fails still show a helpful message and stack trace. Fixes issues/56. ward

Release 1.5 – 2019-05-06

Type Changes By
Added FieldBivariateFunction and make both BilinearInterpolatingFunction and PiecewiseBicubicSplineInterpolatingFunction implement it. Github: fixes #55. Fixes issues/55. luc
Added FieldUnivariateInterpolator and make both LinearInterpolator, AkimaSplineInterpolator and SplineInterpolator implement it. luc
Added FieldPolynomialFunction and FieldPolynomialSplineFunction. luc
Fixed documentation for interpolation algorithms. Github: fixes #53. Fixes issues/53. luc

Release 1.4 – 2018-11-17

Type Changes By
Added bilinear interpolation for 2D grids. Github: fixes #48. Fixes issues/48. luc
Added field version of sinCos. Github: fixes #47. Fixes issues/47. luc
Fixed wrong construction of an Illinois solver that really built a Pegasus solver. Github: fixes #44. Fixes issues/44. luc
Renamed scale parameter to location parameter in the log-normal distribution, to avoid confusion. Github: fixes #4. Fixes issues/4. luc
Bisection solvers failed to raise an exception when the search interval did not bracket a root. Github: fixes #40. Fixes issues/40. luc
Added a way to build three-dimensional field arrays. luc

Release 1.3 – 2018-05-08

Type Changes By
Added in FastMath the methods Java 9 added in StrictMath. This ensures FastMath is always a drop-in replacement for Math/StrictMath. Github: fixes #36. Fixes issues/36. luc
Added FieldUnivariateVectorFunction and FieldUnivariateMatrixFunction interfaces, as well as RealFieldUnivariateVectorFunction and RealFieldUnivariateMatrixFunction Github: fixes #35. Fixes issues/35. luc
Added FieldUnivariateFunction interface and have polynomials implement it. Github: fixes #34. Fixes issues/34. luc
Added new utility methods to create real and field vectors from dimension. luc
Allow FastMath to operate on RealFieldElements. This simplifies a lot "fieldification" of algorithms previously implemented with primitive double numbers. luc
Added a transposeMultiply method to compute A^T.B without creating the intermediate transposed matrix. luc
Added a multiplyTransposed method to compute A.B^T without creating the intermediate transposed matrix. luc
Added MatrixDecomposer interface that encapsulates algorithms tolerances. Thanks to Evan Ward. luc
Added a way to compute both sin and cos at once faster than performing two calls. This also speeds up DerivativeStructure.sin and DerivativeStructure.cos. luc
Fixed a problem with eigen decomposition of matrices with large coefficients. Github: fixes #30. Fixes issues/30. luc
Added a solver for Continuous time Algebraic Riccati Equation. Fixes issues/29. Thanks to Alessandro Romero. luc
Added complex eigen decomposition. Thanks to Alessandro Romero. luc

Release 1.2 – 2017-10-25

Type Changes By
Added new RealFieldElement implementations computing a tuple. This allow to perform the same computation on several values at once. The getReal() value correspond to the first component of the tuple. luc
Added bracketing helper methods in UnivariateSolverUtils for RealFieldUnivariateFunction. Github: fixes #24. Fixes issues/24. luc
Improved performance of getRow and setRow for Array2DRowRealMatrix and Array2DRowFieldMatrix. Github: fixes #22. Fixes issues/22. Thanks to Christoph Dibak. luc

Release 1.1 – 2017-03-16

Type Changes By
Added support for sampling from enumerated distributions in RandomDataGenerator. GitHub: fixes issue #19. Fixes issues/19. psteitz
Added support for exact integration in PolynomialFunction. GitHub: fixes issue #18. Fixes issues/18. psteitz
Added a factory to simplify building DerivativeStructure instances. luc
Added proper implementations of equals and hashCode to Fields so they can be used as keys in maps. luc
Added a derivatives method in Hermite interpolator, similar to the one from FieldHermiteInterpolator. luc
Added field-based derivative structures. luc
Added field-based QR decomposition. GitHub: fixes issue #17. Fixes issues/17. Thanks to Andrea Antolino. luc
Performance improvement for Array2DRowRealMatrix.getSubMatrix() (and also Array2DRowFieldMatrix.getSubMatrix()). GitHub: fixes issue #12. Fixes issues/12. Thanks to Christoph Dibak. ebourg
Improved parameter validation for probabilities provided to enumerated distribution constructors. psteitz
Added methods to expose the probability mass function to EnumeratedRealDistribution and EnumeratedIntegerDistribution. psteitz

Release 1.0 – 2016-06-23

Type Changes By
Renamed TestUtils in core stat.inference to InferenceTestUtils and TestUtils in the core unit test package to UnitTestUtils. psteitz
Moved EmpiricalDistribution and MultivariateNormalExpectationMaximization from the random package into stat.fitting and dropped ValueServer. psteitz
Moved sampling (random deviate generation) from distribution implementations to RandomDataGenerator in the random package. psteitz
Fixed "HypergeometricDistribution#logProbability(int)" which returned NaN in case the number of successes equals the population size. tn
Removed interface "DoubleArray". tn
Removed interface "NumberTransformer" and classes "TransformerMap" and "DefaultTransformer" related to transformation of arbitrary objects to double primitives. tn
Fix DerivativeStructure.pow for 0 argument and power less than 1. Thanks to Andrea Antolino. luc
Fix "FastMath#round(..)" to comply to changed contract of "Math#round()" in Java 8. tn
Fixed DerivativeStructure.pow(0.0) which was NaN when the DS was 0, despite it should always be 1.0 in this case, regardless of the base (even if the base is NaN, in fact). luc
Added Gauss-Laguerre quadrature for integration of improper integrals. tn
Added "AggregatableStatistic" interface for statistics that can aggregate results. tn
Added aggregation capabilities to "StreamingStatistics", replacing the removed class "AggregatingSummaryStatistics". tn
Removed "SynchronizedSummaryStatistics", "SynchronizedDescriptiveStatistics" and "SynchronizedMultivariateSummaryStatistics". All implementations are considered to be not threadsafe. Aggregation of results is preferred over synchronization. tn
Renamed "SummaryStatistics" to "StreamingStatistics". Additionally, removed support for setting custom statistics implementations. tn
Replaced "VectorialMean" with a more generic class "VectorialStorelessStatistic" which supports to apply any "StorelessUnivariateStatistic" on vector data. tn
Removed static "copy(A, B)" methods for storeless statistics. tn
"Median" does not extend from "Percentile" anymore, but uses composition instead. tn
Summary statistics based on external moments (e.g. Mean, Variance) are now immutable. tn
Simplified "BinomialConfidenceInterval" and its implementations into class "BinomialProportion". tn
Removed accuracy parameter in constructors of "RealDistribution" implementations that calculate the inverse cumulative probability analytically. tn
Refactored distribution implementations into separate sub-packages: "discrete", "continuous" and "multivariate". tn
Removed "copyOf" and "copyOfRange" methods in "MathArrays". "Object#clone()" and "Arrays#copyOfRange(...)" should be used instead. tn
Simplified "PivotingStrategyInterface" and implementations into single enum class "PivotingStrategy". tn
"RealVector#Entry" is now public. tn
"RealLinearOperator" is now an interface. tn
"Frequency" class now uses generics. For similar functionality as previous class wrt integer numbers, use "LongFrequency" which supports adding different integer number types (e.g. int, long, short) to the same "LongFrequency" instance. tn
Simplified exception hierarchy. luc
Modularized the library. tn
Forked from the Apache Commons Math library. psteitz

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