Development Library version

The development version of the Hipparchus library is always available to download from our version control system. We use Git as our SCM. The anonymous read access to our Git repository allows users who need the latest features and the latest bug fixes to get them even before an official release.

The Git repository can be cloned using the following command, which can be easily adapted if you are using one of the numerous Git graphical user interface available or if Git is supported by you integrated development environment:

git clone

Released Library versions

Hipparchus releases are provided in source and binary distributions via the links below. Source packages are the most complete, since the other packages (binary jars, javadoc jars, source jars, web content) are created from these sources.

Hipparchus is also available in maven central repository, with groupID org.hipparchus and artifactIds hipparchus-core, hipparchus-clustering, hipparchus-fft, hipparchus-fitting, hipparchus-geometry, hipparchus-ode, hipparchus-optim and hipparchus-stat. There is also a hipparchus-migration artifact to help migrating from Apache Commons Math. Maven’s internal mechanism will automatically download any internal dependencies among the artifacts. Signatures may be verified using the Hipparchus KEYS.

package link hash signature
source (zip) md5 sig
source (tar.bz2) hipparchus-1.1-src.tar.bz2 md5 sig
binary (zip) md5 sig
binary (tar.bz2) hipparchus-1.1-bin.tar.bz2 md5 sig

version 1.1 downloads (release date: 16-March-2017)

package link hash signature
source (zip) md5 sig
source (tar.bz2) hipparchus-1.0-src.tar.bz2 md5 sig
binary (zip) md5 sig
binary (tar.bz2) hipparchus-1.0-bin.tar.bz2 md5 sig

version 1.0 downloads (release date: 23-June-2016)

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