Release History

Version Date Description
1.1 2017-03-16 This is a maintenance release.
1.0 2016-06-23 This is the first release of the library

Release 1.1 – 2017-03-16

Type Changes By
Core: Added support for sampling from enumerated distributions in RandomDataGenerator. Fixes Github issue #19. Fixes issues/19. psteitz
Core: Added support for exact integration in PolynomialFunction. Fixes Github issue #18. Fixes issues/18. psteitz
Added a factory to simplify building DerivativeStructure instances. luc
Core: Added proper implementations of equals and hashCode to Fields so they can be used as keys in maps. luc
Core: Added a derivatives method in Hermite interpolator, similar to the one from FieldHermiteInterpolator. luc
Core: Added field-based derivative structures. luc
Core: Added field-based QR decomposition. Fixes Github issue #17. Fixes issues/17. Thanks to Andrea Antolino. luc
Core: Performance improvement for Array2DRowRealMatrix.getSubMatrix() (and also Array2DRowFieldMatrix.getSubMatrix()). Fixes Github issue #12. Fixes issues/12. Thanks to Christoph Dibak. ebourg
Core: Improved parameter validation for probabilities provided to enumerated distribution constructors. psteitz
Core: Added methods to expose the probability mass function to EnumeratedRealDistribution and EnumeratedIntegerDistribution. psteitz
Stat: Fixed overly-aggressive sufficient data check in OLS/GLS regression classes. When there is no intercept in the model, the number of observations can equal the number of regressors. Fixes GitHub #13. Fixes issues/13. psteitz
Stat: Fixed bug in 2-sided binomial test leading to inflated p-values in some cases. This was reported against Commons Math as MATH-1381. psteitz
Stat: Add implementation of RANDOM algorithm for streaming percentile computation. psteitz
Stat: Add default "toString()" implementation to "AbstractStorelessUnivariateStatistic". tn
Stat: "StorelessUnivariateStatistic", "DescriptiveStatistics" and "StreamingStatistics" now extend from "DoubleConsumer", allowing to easily use them within streams. tn
Ode: Fixed Field ODE integrators handling of secondary equations. GitHub: fixes #7. Fixes issues/7. luc
Geometry: Fixed numerical noise issues in Welzl smallest enclosing ball computation. Thanks to jerdmanGH for reporting the issue. Fixes GitHub #20. Fixes issues/20. luc
Geometry: Added field based 3D lines. luc
Geometry: Added utility methods for field-based rotations and 3D vectors. luc

Release 1.0 – 2016-06-23

Type Changes By
Creation of a migration module and an associated script to help switching from Apache Commons Math to Hipparchus. luc
Simplified exception hierarchy. luc
Modularized the library into several components (hipparchus-core, hipparchus-clustering, hipparchus-fft, hipparchus-fitting, hipparchus-genetics, hipparchus-geometry, hipparchus-geometry, hipparchus-ode, hipparchus-optim, hipparchus-samples, hipparchus-stat). tn
Forked from the Apache Commons Math library. psteitz

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