This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Hipparchus The Hipparchus library is a library of mathematical components. It started as a fork of Apache Commons Math.
Hipparchus::Core The Hipparchus core module
Hipparchus::Statistics The Hipparchus statistics module
Hipparchus::Computational Geometry The Hipparchus geometry module
Hipparchus::Ordinary Differential Equations The Hipparchus ode module
Hipparchus::Optimization The Hipparchus optimization module
Hipparchus::Fitting The Hipparchus fitting module
Hipparchus::Samples The Hipparchus samples module
Hipparchus::Fast Fourier Transforms The Hipparchus fft module
Hipparchus::Cluster Algorithms The Hipparchus clustering module
Hipparchus::Filtering Algorithms The Hipparchus filtering module
Hipparchus::Migration Code The Hipparchus migration module
Hipparchus::Coverage Dummy module for aggregating coverage reports

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