Interface MultivariateInterpolator

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    public interface MultivariateInterpolator
    Interface representing a univariate real interpolating function.
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      • interpolate

        MultivariateFunction interpolate​(double[][] xval,
                                         double[] yval)
                                  throws MathIllegalArgumentException,
        Computes an interpolating function for the data set.
        xval - the arguments for the interpolation points. xval[i][0] is the first component of interpolation point i, xval[i][1] is the second component, and so on until xval[i][d-1], the last component of that interpolation point (where d is thus the dimension of the space).
        yval - the values for the interpolation points
        a function which interpolates the data set
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if the arguments violate assumptions made by the interpolation algorithm.
        MathIllegalArgumentException - when the array dimensions are not consistent.
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if an array has zero-length.
        NullArgumentException - if the arguments are null.