Class NullArgumentException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, LocalizedException

public class NullArgumentException extends NullPointerException implements LocalizedException
All conditions checks that fail due to a null argument must throw this exception. This class is meant to signal a precondition violation ("null is an illegal argument") and so does not extend the standard NullPointerException. Propagation of NullPointerException from within Hipparchus is construed to be a bug.

Note: from 1.0 onwards, this class extends NullPointerException instead of MathIllegalArgumentException.

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  • Constructor Details

    • NullArgumentException

      public NullArgumentException()
      Default constructor.
    • NullArgumentException

      public NullArgumentException(Localizable specifier, Object... parts)
      Simple constructor.
      specifier - format specifier (to be translated).
      parts - parts to insert in the format (no translation).
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