Interface MultivariateFunction

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LeastSquaresConverter, LinearObjectiveFunction, MultivariateFunctionMappingAdapter, MultivariateFunctionPenaltyAdapter, QuadraticFunction, TwiceDifferentiableFunction

public interface MultivariateFunction
An interface representing a multivariate real function.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    value(double[] point)
    Compute the value for the function at the given point.
  • Method Details

    • value

      double value(double[] point)
      Compute the value for the function at the given point.
      point - Point at which the function must be evaluated.
      the function value for the given point.
      MathIllegalArgumentException - if the parameter's dimension is wrong for the function being evaluated.
      MathIllegalArgumentException - when the activated method itself can ascertain that preconditions, specified in the API expressed at the level of the activated method, have been violated. In the vast majority of cases where Hipparchus throws this exception, it is the result of argument checking of actual parameters immediately passed to a method.