Interface LeastSquaresOptimizer.Optimum

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public static interface LeastSquaresOptimizer.Optimum extends LeastSquaresProblem.Evaluation
The optimum found by the optimizer. This object contains the point, its value, and some metadata.
  • Method Details

    • getEvaluations

      int getEvaluations()
      Get the number of times the model was evaluated in order to produce this optimum.
      the number of model (objective) function evaluations
    • getIterations

      int getIterations()
      Get the number of times the algorithm iterated in order to produce this optimum. In general least squares it is common to have one evaluation per iterations.
      the number of iterations
    • of

      static LeastSquaresOptimizer.Optimum of(LeastSquaresProblem.Evaluation value, int evaluations, int iterations)
      Create a new optimum from an evaluation and the values of the counters.
      value - the function value
      evaluations - number of times the function was evaluated
      iterations - number of iterations of the algorithm
      a new optimum based on the given data.