Interface FieldEventState<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of the field elements
All Known Implementing Classes:
FieldDetectorBasedEventState, FieldStepEndEventState

public interface FieldEventState<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>
This interface handles the state for either one event handler or one step end handler during integration steps.
  • Method Details

    • init

      void init(FieldODEStateAndDerivative<T> s0, T t)
      Initialize handler at the start of an integration.

      This method is called once at the start of the integration. It may be used by the event handler to initialize some internal data if needed.

      s0 - initial state
      t - target time for the integration
    • getEventTime

      T getEventTime()
      Get the occurrence time of the event triggered in the current step.
      occurrence time of the event triggered in the current step or infinity if no events are triggered
    • evaluateStep

      Evaluate the impact of the proposed step on the event handler.
      interpolator - step interpolator for the proposed step
      true if the event handler triggers an event before the end of the proposed step
      MathIllegalStateException - if the interpolator throws one because the number of functions evaluations is exceeded
      MathIllegalArgumentException - if the event cannot be bracketed
    • doEvent

      Notify the user's listener of the event. The event occurs wholly within this method call including a call to FieldODEEventHandler.resetState(FieldODEEventDetector, FieldODEStateAndDerivative) if necessary.
      state - the state at the time of the event. This must be at the same time as the current value of getEventTime().
      the user's requested action and the new state if the action is Action.RESET_STATE. Otherwise the new state is state. The stop time indicates what time propagation should stop if the action is Action.STOP. This guarantees the integration will stop on or after the root, so that integration may be restarted safely.