Interface NamedParameterJacobianProvider

    • Method Detail

      • computeParameterJacobian

        double[] computeParameterJacobian​(double t,
                                          double[] y,
                                          double[] yDot,
                                          String paramName)
                                   throws MathIllegalArgumentException,
        Compute the Jacobian matrix of ODE with respect to one parameter.

        If the parameter does not belong to the collection returned by Parameterizable.getParametersNames(), the Jacobian will be set to 0, but no errors will be triggered.

        t - current value of the independent time variable
        y - array containing the current value of the main state vector
        yDot - array containing the current value of the time derivative of the main state vector
        paramName - name of the parameter to consider
        Jacobian matrix of the ODE with respect to the parameter
        MathIllegalStateException - if the number of functions evaluations is exceeded
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if arrays dimensions do not match equations settings
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if the parameter is not supported