Interface StepInterpolator

All Superinterfaces:
ODEStateInterpolator, Serializable

@Deprecated public interface StepInterpolator extends ODEStateInterpolator
as of 1.0, replaced with ODEStateInterpolator
This interface represents an interpolator over the last step during an ODE integration.

The various ODE integrators provide objects implementing this interface to the step handlers. These objects are often custom objects tightly bound to the integrator internal algorithms. The handlers can use these objects to retrieve the state vector at intermediate times between the previous and the current grid points (this feature is often called dense output).

One important thing to note is that the step handlers may be so tightly bound to the integrators that they often share some internal state arrays. This imply that one should never use a direct reference to a step interpolator outside of the step handler, either for future use or for use in another thread. If such a need arise, the step interpolator must be copied using the dedicated copy() method.

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