Interface BSPTree.VanishingCutHandler<S extends Space>

Type Parameters:
S - Type of the space.
Enclosing class:
BSPTree<S extends Space>

public static interface BSPTree.VanishingCutHandler<S extends Space>
This interface handles the corner cases when an internal node cut sub-hyperplane vanishes.

Such cases happens for example when a cut sub-hyperplane is inserted into another tree (during a merge operation), and is split in several parts, some of which becomes smaller than the tolerance. The corresponding node as then no cut sub-hyperplane anymore, but does have children. This interface specifies how to handle this situation. setting

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    fixNode(BSPTree<S> node)
    Fix a node with both vanished cut and children.
  • Method Details

    • fixNode

      BSPTree<S> fixNode(BSPTree<S> node)
      Fix a node with both vanished cut and children.
      node - node to fix
      fixed node