Class SubLine

    • Constructor Detail

      • SubLine

        public SubLine​(Hyperplane<Euclidean2D> hyperplane,
                       Region<Euclidean1D> remainingRegion)
        Simple constructor.
        hyperplane - underlying hyperplane
        remainingRegion - remaining region of the hyperplane
      • SubLine

        public SubLine​(Vector2D start,
                       Vector2D end,
                       double tolerance)
        Create a sub-line from two endpoints.
        start - start point
        end - end point
        tolerance - tolerance below which points are considered identical
      • SubLine

        public SubLine​(Segment segment)
        Create a sub-line from a segment.
        segment - single segment forming the sub-line
    • Method Detail

      • getSegments

        public List<Segment> getSegments()
        Get the endpoints of the sub-line.

        A subline may be any arbitrary number of disjoints segments, so the endpoints are provided as a list of endpoint pairs. Each element of the list represents one segment, and each segment contains a start point at index 0 and an end point at index 1. If the sub-line is unbounded in the negative infinity direction, the start point of the first segment will have infinite coordinates. If the sub-line is unbounded in the positive infinity direction, the end point of the last segment will have infinite coordinates. So a sub-line covering the whole line will contain just one row and both elements of this row will have infinite coordinates. If the sub-line is empty, the returned list will contain 0 segments.

        list of segments endpoints
      • intersection

        public Vector2D intersection​(SubLine subLine,
                                     boolean includeEndPoints)
        Get the intersection of the instance and another sub-line.

        This method is related to the intersection method in the Line class, but in addition to compute the point along infinite lines, it also checks the point lies on both sub-line ranges.

        subLine - other sub-line which may intersect instance
        includeEndPoints - if true, endpoints are considered to belong to instance (i.e. they are closed sets) and may be returned, otherwise endpoints are considered to not belong to instance (i.e. they are open sets) and intersection occurring on endpoints lead to null being returned
        the intersection point if there is one, null if the sub-lines don't intersect