Class UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator

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public class UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator extends Object implements UnivariateInterpolator
Adapter for classes implementing the UnivariateInterpolator interface. The data to be interpolated is assumed to be periodic. Thus values that are outside of the range can be passed to the interpolation function: They will be wrapped into the initial range before being passed to the class that actually computes the interpolation.
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      public static final int DEFAULT_EXTEND
      Default number of extension points of the samples array.
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    • UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator

      public UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator(UnivariateInterpolator interpolator, double period, int extend)
      Builds an interpolator.
      interpolator - Interpolator.
      period - Period.
      extend - Number of points to be appended at the beginning and end of the sample arrays in order to avoid interpolation failure at the (periodic) boundaries of the orginal interval. The value is the number of sample points which the original interpolator needs on each side of the interpolated point.
    • UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator

      public UnivariatePeriodicInterpolator(UnivariateInterpolator interpolator, double period)
      Builds an interpolator. Uses DEFAULT_EXTEND as the number of extension points on each side of the original abscissae range.
      interpolator - Interpolator.
      period - Period.
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