Class AkimaSplineInterpolator

All Implemented Interfaces:
FieldUnivariateInterpolator, UnivariateInterpolator

public class AkimaSplineInterpolator extends Object implements UnivariateInterpolator, FieldUnivariateInterpolator
Computes a cubic spline interpolation for the data set using the Akima algorithm, as originally formulated by Hiroshi Akima in his 1970 paper A New Method of Interpolation and Smooth Curve Fitting Based on Local Procedures. J. ACM 17, 4 (October 1970), 589-602. DOI=10.1145/321607.321609

This implementation is based on the Akima implementation in the CubicSpline class in the Math.NET Numerics library. The method referenced is CubicSpline.InterpolateAkimaSorted

The interpolate method returns a PolynomialSplineFunction consisting of n cubic polynomials, defined over the subintervals determined by the x values, x[0] < x[i] ... < x[n]. The Akima algorithm requires that n >= 5.