Package org.hipparchus.geometry.spherical.twod

package org.hipparchus.geometry.spherical.twod

This package provides basic geometry components on the 2-sphere.

We use here the topologists definition of the 2-sphere (see Sphere on MathWorld), i.e. the 2-sphere is the two-dimensional surface defined in 3D as x2+y2+z2=1.

  • Classes
    This class represents an oriented great circle on the 2-sphere.
    Spherical polygons boundary edge.
    This class represents a point on the 2-sphere.
    This class implements a two-dimensional sphere (i.e.
    This class represents a region on the 2-sphere: a set of spherical polygons.
    This class represents a sub-hyperplane for Circle.
    Spherical polygons boundary vertex.