Class BicubicInterpolatingFunction

    • Constructor Detail

      • BicubicInterpolatingFunction

        public BicubicInterpolatingFunction​(double[] x,
                                            double[] y,
                                            double[][] f,
                                            double[][] dFdX,
                                            double[][] dFdY,
                                            double[][] d2FdXdY)
                                     throws MathIllegalArgumentException
        Simple constructor.
        x - Sample values of the x-coordinate, in increasing order.
        y - Sample values of the y-coordinate, in increasing order.
        f - Values of the function on every grid point.
        dFdX - Values of the partial derivative of function with respect to x on every grid point.
        dFdY - Values of the partial derivative of function with respect to y on every grid point.
        d2FdXdY - Values of the cross partial derivative of function on every grid point.
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if the various arrays do not contain the expected number of elements.
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if x or y are not strictly increasing.
        MathIllegalArgumentException - if any of the arrays has zero length.
    • Method Detail

      • isValidPoint

        public boolean isValidPoint​(double x,
                                    double y)
        Indicates whether a point is within the interpolation range.
        x - First coordinate.
        y - Second coordinate.
        true if (x, y) is a valid point.